I never ever thought that I will come up with a website and will publish my stories outside my personal diary. Though I loved arts and creativity always but there was no time and mental state for me to give time for my passion. I was exhausted with family and career problems and gave up thinking of writing. At this situation, one of my friend comes forward and encourages me to start writing again and to come up with my personal website as my identity. I was going through my toughest period in life and was in no mood in doing anything not related to my career, but his continuous nagging made me think again about the idea of writing and reciting, which I have put aside for a long time. He made me think about what I really want, somehow I was not being very comfortable with what I was doing, may be that would assure me a secured life, but somehow I could not be satisfied with that. I strongly started to feel that I need to choose the career option to which I can connect and I need to give some time to myself. Then I decided to give up everything and to concentrate on preparing for exactly what I want. This has led me extreme financial and family problem and I still am going through that. In this period ,he gave me continuous support and advice as entrepreneur and finally I came up with my dream website. I must mention that sometimes it happened that he worked upto 3 at morning with 102 degree temperature while I was tired and fast asleep. Without his strong and active support, I could never come up with this. I have started walking in the path of my dream to be a writer, hope all your love and support will help me to improve. A special thanks to  someone close to my heart.