Did you ever be able to express your gratitude towards your mom in words ? No, you can’t because it can’t be possible. I am what and who I am today is only for her. It sounds very common until I tell you that diva had to get married at a very early age and unfortunately that turned in disaster for rest of her life. She is the person who cultivated the seeds of creativity and arts in my mind. Everything, every single thing in her life hold her back to express her true self, but she taught me how to win against odd, how to find a single thread of positivism from a black hole by being an example.

My mother  is a rare combination of beauty intellect and culture, but most importantly she keeps everything very humble and simple. She is the most kind person I have ever seen, sometimes I feel jealous, why she need to be this much noble at heart when people only take advantage from her! She is the only one person who can love me without end, had trust me against the world, blindly supported my dream, silently stood by me in all troubles. I wonder how happy she becomes in small things, how giving and non-demanding one woman can be irrespective what life has put on her.

Mom never showed any public gesture of affection, but I knew by my heart how happy she is when I excelled anywhere in my life. When I was going through the most difficult period of my life, I could not even survived if she was not there for me. She is my source of power. Thanks would just be a formality, dedicated to the person whom I owe my life, my Wonder Woman, my mother.