Technically, I cannot tag myself as ‘writer’ as my academic background is from pure Science . Born and mostly brought up in a very simple middle class family in North Kolkata, I preferred  to keep myself grounded always. I  am older of two sisters and fortunately first  child in family from both my mom and dad’s side. I am blessed to have my family who gave me all love and support for everything in my life and my sister, who literally is protector of me with her wise thinking and physical strength.

My childhood was not stable to one place as my dad had transferable job and mostly we lived in small towns. That was the reason for changing my school more than once. We was living in North 24 Parganas when I casually gave the entrance examination for secondary in a very renowned school in Kolkata and surprisingly, I got chance there! This has changed my life forever. We shifted Kolkata permanently. Not only the education , but the ethics and values the school has taught me at that primary age, had effected me deep in root.

I was good at science, but I liked literature. I used to get  appreciated for my writings from that early age. But eventually as I got promoted to higher classes, pressure on studies had grew more and I had no time for writing . As I belong to very mediocre family, I was supposed to grow with typical mediocre mentality : good grade in Secondary board examination had put me with no option of even thinking of taking any stream other than Pure Science. So I  became tagged as ‘Science student’ for rest of my life. Though I liked arts and literature, to be honest, I liked science subjects too: Mathematics  and Physics were my favorite subjects. Then again history repeated, I had to be doctor or engineer, but I ended up taking Mathematics honors. I switched stream to Computer Science after an year and completed my graduation, masters in Science and Masters in Technology on that subject.

This had led me to industry and I did worked there for a very short period of time ,but I could not like that much and decided to pursue my career in academics and struggling there is continuing still now. It is very difficult when all of my friends had industry jobs  or got married I have chosen a career option which will take much time than others. In this long period I went through extreme turbulence in family, personal, profession and financial life, therefore, got no time and mentality to give a little time to my passion. My health too played the role of villain always.

But I always felt a strong urge to express my feelings through writing, I like to  paint and recite too. In one course of time, I was too depressed to do anything. During that deemed phase some good friends always motivated me to give time for my creative side and one of them almost made me start writing and everything in spite of all problems and ultimately made me come with my dream website. Without them, nothing would be possible.

This is my window, this is me. I was tagged as ‘good student’ throughout my life, now, I would be overwhelmed if I can reach my thoughts to people through my writings.

Thanks to all my readers.